Greg Taylor

Co-Founder & Director of Photography

Greg Taylor is a Director of Photography who works in reality, feature film, TV, commercial, adventure and documentary productions.  Shooting with ten ton grip trucks down to small indie group productions.  He is a hard working, easy to get along with and a serious professional.

Greg a world class travel photographer and adventure cameraman who has shot in over 20 countries, on four continents, in caves, on boats, in jungles, on remote islands and has extensive experience underwater. Fluent in Spanish and English with intermediate levels of German and Italian, he can go anywhere to get the job done. Greg has worked for numerous big clients as both photographer and director of photography. Some include: National Geographic, TruTV, Fashion One, CBS, Travel Network, TLC and A&E among others.

Greg’s experience with TV/ Feature films and the additional background as a Grip, Electrician and Sound mixer make him the perfect member of a production crew. In the post world he is a skilled editor and colorist. Greg oversees the final output and distribution of media content for Backpacker Films.

His most recently positions include: Director of Photography for truTV and Head Underwater Cameraman for Bigfoot Studios, a major production player in Asia and Europe.  Since becoming a Co-Founder of Backpacker Films, Greg has successfully completed over 40 episodes of various series on a variety of platforms, many with worldwide distribution and a 3D feature film. His two strongest desires are to make fantastic storytelling images and travel the globe.

When he is not on location or traveling for leisure, Greg spends time between his hometown Birmingham, AL and Los Angeles.