Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How Do I Contact Backpacker Films?
You can contact Backpacker Films with the following email address: (or) through Facebook and Instagram
My Company wishes to hire Backpacker Films to produce my project.
Backpacker Films is more than excited to spearhead new opportunities.
Please Email
Please provide your company’s information and a brief description of the future production.
We will respond to your request ASAP and help make your vision a reality.
Where can I inquire about rates and production schedules?
Our production rates are highly competitive. For a price list, please email
I partnered with Backpacker Films on a commercial. Can I help Direct and oversee the creative
At Backpacker Films we absolutely love the idea of collaboration on all projects.
We highly encourage all our Clients to actively participate in our projects.
Creative collaboration always makes for the best finished product.
Will Backpacker Films also help market my promotional video?
Yes, Backpacker Films has a very knowledgeable and successful marketing team in place to help
all finished products become instantly seen, recognized, and shared by millions of people and
companies around the world. Backpacker Films continually works with and has ties with
National Geographic, Travel and Leisure Magazine, Lonely Planet, Cliff Bar and many other companies,
which help promote our work for the masses.
Our ultimate goal is to create phenomenal videos that are seen and shared by millions of people.
Can I apply for a job opening or an internship at Backpacker Films?
We are always looking for the best, brightest, and most adventurous filmmaker
to join our team. Please check out our current job openings.
I have an idea for a new television program. Can I submit to Backpacker Films?
While we greatly appreciate your interest in suggesting a television program
idea, for legal reasons, Backpacker Films does not accept unsolicited ideas or material.
At this time, Backpacker Films only accepts submissions from recognized television and
film production companies and/or accredited Entertainment Agents and Attorneys. If
you fit the criteria please email to receive an official
Submission Form.
Clip Streaming to Third Party Websites:
Backpacker Films has a very restrictive policy regarding licensing footage from
our programming library for use on third party web sites. Please contact Backpacker
Films to inquire on licensing.